The Storm


When you have lived through a storm, that has devastated your landscape, you simply won’t be the same person that walked into that storm. That is what the storm is all about, it washes away not only what you loved, it washes away some people that you believed cared for you.

When a peace of sorts is restored, you look around and you can be blessed to have a few true friends that held you through one of the toughest times of your life.


And just as the waters finally recede, so too can the people that never called or asked if you were ok, because on reflection, they have always been the ones that took more than they gave, their expectations have been so high that you could never meet their needs, they wonder through life as the victims of others conspiracies.


They will never call to just check to see how you are if they haven’t heard from you. These people will talk and gossip behind your back, make so many assumptions based on the thoughts in their head, rather than simply reaching out to communicate or be authentic, they run away from intimacy, because they may need to look at their own shadows.
Today I stand here still living on cement floors, through a very cold winter, its almost 4 months since so many lives were turned upside down. I am glad that Nature’s river has forged a new direction, washed away what was holding back my forward motion. Yep it’s true I am definitely not the same person, and I bless the storm for its lessons and for giving me genuine love and deep friendships, as that is what I deserve.

I flow happily into what lies ahead, knowing that everything is evolving just as it should, blessings on your day )0(




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