Morning Call

As I stir from my slumber,

I stir also from my ignorance.

Waxing moon light softly falls,

Lighting the way on my journey to you.


Through the dreamscape entwined lovers,

Your words touch me deeply.

My heart space grows,

The lotus unfolds in me to greet you.


The sun shines over the morning’s horizon,

His light glows on the Jacaranda tree, outside my window.

It is made more beautiful, and stands brilliantly,

Bathed in the light of the divine.


Shadows evaporate as his light touches her,

Lighting up her shadows, falling in the secret places.

The mysteries of her curves explored by his light,

Her dew drops glisten, shining bright.


Calling to him, across the valleys,

Oh gentle soul, my arms await you.

The Goddess calls her Lord to the dance,

Not long now till the lovers reunite.