Dearest Wild Kin we have all survived over 2,000 years of gurus, but NOW it’s OVER!
Worshipping the man (woman) is so passe, so 20th Century!

Just be your authentic self, consider not following gurus, or even cults that just feed of your money and energy to give them power, how will you find yourself if you rely on others for your thinking???

The deepest form of spirituality is just being who you are and honing that into something better, stronger and brighter every day!

The answers are with you, just turn off the bloody chatter in your head so you can hear what your divine essence is telling you.

That won’t require a spell or salts, hundreds or even thousands of dollars, or whatever!

Doing Service for others is the best way to turn off the chatter, because it ceases to be about you!

Or doing service to flora and fauna avoids the chatter of doing service to humans.

Listen to your heart; come out of the conditioned mind. The ego loves buying into these games; it is all part of its game to prevent us from realising and being who we really are.

And what better time to connect with your heart than right now in deep autumn, and view all with love, let go of fear….release….release….release!

© Astarté Earthwise






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