Today I am so very grateful to be able to dive down deeply into my darkest shadows, and work on removing what is no longer needed or valid to make my life more peaceful and purposeful with the assistance of Sedna.  She is the Goddess of the depths of the ocean and all the wonderful mammals down there, she is an Inuit Goddess, who brings these creatures to the surface to feed her people. She had her fingers cut off as a human by her father, some stories say, that she was dropped into the depths of the sea, but was changed to an immortal, see how her fingers are missing in the picture, and how they changed into fish. Sedna is also a planet out past Pluto that was discovered, and this planet makes us dig deep.

As I bring the renewed energies of my Saturn Return to the surface, I am so grateful for the people around me that support me to continue to do the work of transformation, for the planet, humanity and myself.






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