Desired One

Your voice feels like a feather on my spine, Raising up energy, unleashing to the divine. You words unlock the strapping around my heart, My pulse increases, today is a new start. Take… Continue reading

Turning Inward…Gathering Seeds…Autumn in the Air

Went for a walk around the house to stretch my neck and check out my herbs and veggies, as the turning in starts, today I felt and saw the first signs of Autumn… Continue reading

2017 Southern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year

This is the correct wheel of the year for the southern hemisphere, it works the compass correctly and is deosil, in synchronicity with the movement of the sun in the Southern Hemisphere. Any… Continue reading

An Apple for my Teacher

Covered in the thorns of disease of your own mind, even when the richest of rose petals where placed at your feet, their perfume wrapped its luxury around your heart. You felt my… Continue reading


As each day unfolds, living through the tenets of Truth, Love & Beauty we find out who we are by the reflection of others. Without trust, there is no faith, without faith, there… Continue reading


FEAR….is an illusion. The world today is simply a reflection of the imbalances of human NATURE. Don’t live the fear, instead seek to become a healer by starting with your own Human Nature,… Continue reading

Honouring West as we approach the East on the Round

As I walk to the west this evening, the sky is full of smoke from the burning off. I honour the place of West, power of the places between the worlds; I turn… Continue reading


The ocean is the home of water. All water is off on a journey unless it is in the ocean, and its homesick, and bound to make its way home someday. Water has… Continue reading

Inner Work

It’s more important than ever to balance your inner Nature, your inner metal, and to have intimacy with all your emotions. As the planet’s stability shifts and we are experiencing Her at Her… Continue reading