The Gift of Truth

There is nothing more precious than the bond of the gift created by communicating and sharing the truth with another. ~~ Astarté

Truth, Love & Beauty

My thoughts on the Old Craft…. Witchcraft as we all know is about knowing yourself, first and foremost. It’s about knowing who you are and what triggers you and your behaviour. It’s up… Continue reading

Staying True

Behind you, the path twists from side to side, like the rainbow serpent of rivers, she leaves her mark in the land, as do you, be mindful of your actions. Before you the… Continue reading

Claim Your Heart!

  “It is time to get started. It is time to wake up. Don’t wait another minute. Claim your heart, and claim your glory. You have all you need. Bless other women. Do… Continue reading


Paying respects on this day 26th January 1788

Today I deeply honour the ancestors of this land and those of the dreaming, I honour and respect the Worimi people who are a part of the land where I live and all… Continue reading

EXhile FREEdom

Learn to Accept the Apology you Never Got

As we approach Christmas….the word Forgiveness comes to mind and settles deeply to rest at the bottom of my heart. My family have treated me very badly this year, and I have suffered hugely from… Continue reading

Paws of Grace…

Belief and faith in a higher power within, lends to a feeling of strength and a sense of balance in one’s life. Extremism of feelings, beliefs, faiths and thoughts distorts that balance, and… Continue reading