International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!  I am a Wild-woman I am a Wise-woman I am a Cunning-Woman Sending much love, respect and sisterhood to all the women on the planet today, Happy International Women’s… Continue reading

Quest for Knowledge

“There exists between ‘being’ and ‘source’ a symbiosis, which throughout millennia, many have sought to rationalise and ultimately to control. Of those, too few realise that to abuse it, is to abuse ourselves.… Continue reading

The Flaming Circle

“Whatever challenges may await you in your life, always let yourself love this world – it is beautiful and sacred and it is the Shining Land of peace for those who have the… Continue reading

Loving Wild Beasts

Good Morning from the farm watching this special boy grow into a man, has been such a delight, like me he has a penchant for watermelon in this heatwave. Each day as the… Continue reading


Birdsong peaking Trees swaying Resin flowing Flowers blooming Sap stirring Bark falling Snakes baking Lizards crossing Turtles laying Leaves growing Breeze blowing Clothes peeling Skin browning Lovers embracing Blood rising Bodies divining Juices… Continue reading


A young arabic man I share philosophy with into the wee hours via phone for over a year now, texted me this morning to ask me what I was doing, I replied “Today… Continue reading


My heart skips a beat, It pounds for you. My heart melts, Placed into your hands. For sacred keeping, It’s a big responsibility. One you take on with ease, Your strong kind heart.… Continue reading

Wattle Day

Happy Wattle Day Folks…as winter lays down behind us and we skip towards the stirrings of spring, blossoms bursting forth, saps are swirling, and our beings respond, it’s time for you to burst… Continue reading

Building Community

You need look no further than the people who surround you. Bond with them, join them, re-connect. Give up hidden judgements and grievances that stop you bonding. Let communication replace them; start healing… Continue reading