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Pulling out weeds, gathering the last of the harvest, digging in the vegetable and herb gardens, cutting out what is no longer needed there and in myself…detoxing, taking time to be alone, to be centred, to consider this upcoming descent into the underworld as the cycle continues, to the void, within and without.

The calling is louder, the spirits and the ancestors ever so closer, as my bones dig in deep to the earth the connection is so very deep, so very grounded.

As I approach the peripheral of my second Saturn return, ever mindful of the greatness of this time, if used to discipline one’s self it can be hugely rewarding. I am not fighting against Saturn’s energy but asking him to step right on in and assist me to get on track.

As I harvest the fennel I cut back what is now in seed, yet at the base the new growth emerges, reminding me that what Saturn takes away allows for the new growth, and I am open and willing for his lessons.

Its time again to stand before Hekate the primal source, at the veiled crossroads and she hands out the destiny key, I bow my head in submission with the deepest respect as the love for her swells in my heart, I offer myself, I surrender once again, to the divine will.

~  © Astarté Earthwise

Mr Content

Holding me beautifully

When my happy days turned

To the darkest black obsidian

Cut and bleeding from the deepest of pain

The sisters of fate washed up on my shore

And hungrily stole away with them

My partner, my best friend and our 3 children

All five of you now lost and gone forever

Into the shadowy depths

Of the ocean of my greatest grief

I could hardly breathe

The waves of emotion picked me up

And threw me

To its very brooding depths

Battering me

Beyond anything I had ever known

I was left like an abandoned shipwreck

With nothing but barnacled memories

Of hopes, and dreams that once were

The faded birthday flowers

The baby’s much loved dummy

Kept in that velvet lined box

Each time opened

My heart broke again

And the salty tears flowed

Yet you held me

In the intimacy of my feelings

You encouraged me, to keep living

When I clutched for the abyss of nothingness

And stared longingly into the void

You shared, your darkest moments

Your words reeled me back from the edge

And now, its nine years on

I reach out once more, I need you

I want to make love to you for the first time ever

Show you more than my words on a page

Thoughts of you have swirled in the recesses of my mind

Of a time, a moment, stolen kisses and caresses

For too long, now is our time

Today you are holding me again

Whilst I write here

The tears and words flow freely again

As they always do

Yet through the years and today’s tears

I find my way back to you

Twists of fate lead the way

I swim into the safety of your arms

Wrapped in your soft caresses

You know my deepest secrets

Your heart and my heart

Understand like no other

I will be your secret love

Our bodies finally entwined

We will dance in the dark

Lips sealed in infinite secrecy

I will dance your slow dance

Our music will flow, like the musicians of old

I will play your body like a fine instrument

I will nurture and hold your precious heart

Whispering love poetry into your very soul

From dusk till dawn, till this spell is broken

~  © Astarté Earthwise

Honesty of Spirit

This weekend I have been reminded deeply, down to the very bones of my ancestors, the importance of honest communication and negotiation. What an even more amazing world we would live in if we were more authentic, followed our hearts to the matter of things, and even more so followed our gut instincts.

As the wheel turns its face towards the decent, the movement from Water to Earth, we find the place in between…the mud, where the elements of water and earth unite.

Sometimes when we get stuck in our past roles, it’s like being in the mud, it’s hard to get out, it acts like a suction on the soles of our feet. In this mud our vision can be blurred, instead of the honesty required we may play out the role of our inner hurt child, pretend, hide, maybe even lie and create chaos, instead of growing up, stepping out of the mud and saying exactly what we mean.

At Autumn we are shown a gift, all is maturing in nature around us, and so can we. We can be adult enough to speak our minds, face to face to others. If we miss this moment, like the fruits, if not harvested, they rot, and so does a part of us.

This is a time when you can embrace the intimacy that you can explore with another heart to heart, take a risk, or be forever held at arms distance from your own truth.

If you are in the mud, if your journey has you in isolation or loneliness, now is that space, that moment of stepping forward into the importance and maturity of honest communication.

When we make a decision to step out of the mud, we clear our own vision, and we can release fear and worry, as the pathway ahead becomes so much lighter under foot.

Happy travels to honesty of spirit!

An Apple for my Teacher


Covered in the thorns of disease of your own mind, even when the richest of rose petals where placed at your feet, their perfume wrapped its luxury around your heart. You felt my love, my truth, my beauty, you held my grace, whilst you fashioned for me a crown of thorns, and hung it over my already bleeding heart.

I bought droplets of honey to soothe your soul, fruits of friendship, and was stung by a thousand bees.

I planted seeds of devotion in the garden of your heart; your thoughts grew the weeds that you choke on today.

I built you a strong shelter from your own misery and wound of betrayal, and as powerful as a tornado your will to deceive me, swept through spinning out of nothingness and scattering me like dust.

I tasted your bitterness, whilst you stood on your moth eaten mantel of stars.

You are in deep waters now of life’s blazing fire, I no longer will fan your flames; listening to the sound of the waves inside you.

Put your thoughts to sleep, they are your delusion born of your shadows; remember your darkness is your candle.

Try untying your own knots of wrath, before executing others with your slanderous noose.

The drama you run from is in the threads of your own skirt, it runs with you as the threads of the tapestry you weave.

Hem up the lies; silence the jealousies, stitch in the compassion that you now trip over.

Step upward, all powerful, knowing that what hurts you indeed blesses you.

Service untainted with power over another, is the truth to Her mysteries.

Walking in wisdom cannot be taught, you will know truth through the eye of your heart.


© Astarté Earthwise



As each day unfolds, living through the tenets of Truth, Love & Beauty we find out who we are by the reflection of others.

Without trust, there is no faith, without faith, there is no relationship, without relationship there is no us.

Our virtue is to trust, to relate, to each other.

We need “we” to be whole.

Living in an “I” world, removes us from a true path of service.

Living in love, trust and faith we grow, we forgive and we heal.


Breathing Deeply


The howling winds hitting the coast and where I live remind me of the gift of breath and the importance of breathing deeply, as Nature whips up a storm we are also reminded of the need to be buoyant, bending, yielding too the mood, yet strong and persistent. Thank you for today’s lesson from the Easterly Air.