Paying respects on this day 26th January 1788


Today I deeply honour the ancestors of this land and those of the dreaming, I honour and respect the Worimi people who are a part of the land where I live and all other nations and their peoples who are the first Australians. I don’t celebrate today, but I do acknowledge the past and the history of this day, and how it changed so very much. I wish our people and our Government would change the date of this day so I could be proud to celebrate what Australia stands for to me and my fellow Australians, but today I remember the invasion, the first shootings, and the beginning of the death of the oldest living race in the world, I bow my head to the elders, the aboriginal people, and their ancestors with the deepest of respect and empathy for the blood that was first shed 228 years ago on this day. 26th January 1788.


“The land held the key to life’s secrets. Man was given the knowledge to read the land and for every rock, tree and creek he found an explanation for existence. He did not own the land, the land owned him.”- James Miller




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