Do you think Venus would look for wine from a cracked jug?


Is Social Media that cracked jug?

Is the joy of keeping up with family, friends and loved ones often disrupted by comments from people who have never met you?

Am I the only one who finds it frustrating, time consuming and just plain silly having to explain yourself over and over again to people who never met you. Then the phone calls start where you then discuss what is being said on your wall, if these people knew us, would these issues even surface?

What a funny world we are living in.


I’d rather go and sit in the paddocks where I live and talk to the cows; they seem far more respectful to my presence than some people I’ve never met. At least they approach me slowly, inch by inch, they suss me out at a distance and take their time to work me out and I reciprocate by being gentle and softly spoken, and we exchange gifts of nudging, grass, cuddles, licks, pats and noises.

Nature shows me the subtleties of getting to know each other, I’d never jump the electrified barbed wire fence and jump on one of the cow’s backs, and say to them, hey you, this is how you should be a cow!

Why do people seek to undermine each other? Where is the spirituality in that? Have people’s lives become so empty that they would rather look at others through their magnifying glasses, than simply look into their own mirror?

Maybe less pain in deflecting rather than reflecting…

Well only in the short term.

Is city living opening up the cracks?


I have a sheep here that moved in on his own, he likes living here obviously and even though he is a sheep he is hanging out with the cows. As the cows are moved around the different paddocks and some are sold, he finds himself alone, and cries. Then another paddock of cows arrive and it takes him days to settle in with the new herd, as he slowly takes his time, moving in, and then he is marched out again, and he just keeps on trying till he is finally accepted. I never see the cows undermining him, because he is a sheep, they just nudge him back under the fence and watch him, they realise he is a cracked jug (a sheep who thinks he is a cow) and eventually they realise he is no threat and they let him live and graze with them, Natures patterns are amazing, as are the patterns of Human Nature.

I too don’t wish to seek my wine from a cracked jug, these days I try to make all decisions from pure love, and that is also love of self, and when I do this and look out for myself I see the world before me change. Whilst many cracked jugs come into our lives, it does not mean we need to drink from them.

The broken pot

You have a choice, in fact you have many choices, you can respond, you can ignore, you have a delete button, and you have a ban button…see you do have the power!


May your Social Media be crack free! **Ching** **Ching*







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