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 The best way to explain a Mother Blessing is this: it is the alternative baby shower for mothers. Ironically, Mother Blessing’s are steeped in more solid tradition than baby showers.

A Mother Blessing is an ancient indigenous ceremony to celebrate a woman’s transition into motherhood. They have a saying, “whatever happens here on Earth must first be dreamed”, and that’s exactly what a Mother Blessing does. It is a ceremony (or the “dream”) that is a prelude to a major life event (and, as we all know, motherhood is a pretty life-altering event).

Mother Blessing can have many different elements. By involving the mother-to-be in the planning process, you empower her to make the ceremony her own. There are rituals associated with the ceremony, including creating birthing necklaces and bracelets, hair brushing or braided with flowers, foot washing, sacred gum burning, sharing birth stories, passing on blessings and good wishes, giving gifts and feasting. We make a birthing necklace, weave cord bracelets.


The birthing necklace is created from cord and special beads. We pass around the cord and add one bead representing each child we’ve had. The necklace is to wear or hold during childbirth to serve as a calming focus. The act of creating the necklace symbolises the strength of our shared experiences as mothers and women.  Next, we weave a cord bracelet for us each to wear until the baby is born. After the birth, we cut off the bracelet; in the meantime, it was a constant reminder on our wrists of the upcoming journey. We end with a ritual of our sentiments to provide strength during childbirth; a Mother Blessing is an opportunity to show our spirit and support for another woman we love.

Pregnancy Mother Blessing Personally Designed and Performed Ritual

Cost $180

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