Eulogy for my Dad

6th of November 2012

My very first memory of my Stepdad Nick was at my 21st Birthday Party.

He had been dating my Mum for just 11 days and even though I’d never met him, he bought me a beautiful gift of a Jade Ankh set in 18 carat gold with a matching chain.

I was really surprised by his generosity, and I’ve found through the last 32 years that I’ve known him, that he has always been very generous of both heart and Spirit.

Dad came into our family in 1980 and we were very much a 70’s family (maybe at times we still are!)

I think for Dad it was like going to another dimension as our lifestyle was very different to the life he had lived.

I believe my Mum and all of us opened his eyes to a new world, and in return he also bought us many gifts including his cooking.

I will be forever grateful for the many tips and ideas he bought to my cooking, I feel like a part of him is in most of the dishes I serve.

Dad was known for being able to make a fantastic meal from an empty cupboard, not bad for someone who ate their first banana with the skin still on it!

I smoked a lot of pot in those days with my friends and Dad was known for making us all the best munchies ever, for someone who didn’t indulge himself he sure got into the spirit of it with us.

Home was a place I loved to visit, because he loved my mum so deeply and we had so much fun together, it was in these early years that I told Dad he was the Father of my heart, and he always will be.

I learnt early that Dad was a true Nurturer in many ways.

I really love the way he looked after my mum so well, it broke my heart when they made a move to the country, for it was the first time in my life I learnt what it was like to be really alone, and at the same time I was happy for them both, to live their dream.

My dad kept his promise that he didn’t want my Mum to ever work again; and my Mum had a good life in his care.

Generous, nurturer, carer, tender, gentle, creative & loving are words to describe my Dad.

He is a man who could roar with laughter and delight, fill a room with his beautiful smile, his stunning mosaics, and massage and nurture pain away, fill your belly with great tasty food prepared with love and give good even insightful advice.

I could have excellent conversations with my dad that I could not have with anyone else.

We would traverse the deepest mysteries together into subjects that bought us both mutual joy.

I journeyed with my dad into the Shamanic realms when he did bodywork, these moments are precious to me and are etched in my memory forever as is his love.

My Dad has given us a beautiful gift to show us his journey through cancer was not a waste.

It has given us all the sight to see that we can keep smiling and find peace, serenity and courage in the deepest darkest places.

Dad wants us to love each other, and not get caught up in the little things.

My Dad has given us all a gift of his deep spirit and his deep spirituality, to take home with you in your hearts today, and that gives me joy.

I love you Dad, thank you for loving me as you did, I will miss you here in the physical world and I look forward to our astral journeys.

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