Astrology – The art of self discovery, guidance and tools to really help you understand who you are, why you repeat patterns that can hurt, and Astrology gives you the key to unfolding your past so that you can move forward in a confident self assured way. Learn to understand your relationships with others so much better.


  • Personal Birth Charts
  • Relationship Compatibility Charts
  • Your Children’s Chart
  • Business Associates Compatibility Charts
  • Special Birthday Package Deal of Chart and Interpretation Gift
  • Astrological Gift Vouchers Available


Astarte has studied and practices “Humanistic Astrology” which is holistic astrology that looks into the psychology of the individual and offers directions and insights. If you wish to have a deeper understanding of yourself and clearer steps to your own self development having your own personal birth chart done is essential.


Charts and Tapes available separately or as a package.