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Full Moon Poison Harvest


We are expecting some moderate flooding rains over this long weekend here, and the rain has just started, so with this knowledge in hand I decided to do some harvesting for my next batch of rather potent flying ointment, everything I am using is fresh from the farm here except for the Mandrake root and Balm of Gilead.


I’ve placed the ingredients into a jar and topped it with brandy, I will leave it to ferment, brew and cook over the next few weeks.


When it’s finished I will have a potent tincture that will be able to be used in many ointments. It’s totally poisonous and will be only used for external use.


I have collected all these fresh herbs under the waxing almost full moon today as it peaks at 4.38am in the morning I will leave it out overnight, to absorb the Moons full strength. That strength will be building strongly as the moon moves into Leo twenty minutes after midnight the sign of creativity and ruled by the Sun. So this brew has the balance of planetary sun and moon.


When this is added to beeswax and lanolin it will be a very potent ointment that will be used for hedgecrossings (Astral travelling, Out-of-body experiences).

My ingredients are Belladonna, 2 types of Wormwood, Mugwort, Henbane, Mandrake Root, Datura, assorted Magick Mushrooms and Balm of Gilead.


I will write a lot more on this soon; time does not permit more at present.


Happy Full Moon tonight Folks!